Rescued disabled LPG tanker in stormy weather

February 12, 2020

- The salvage of Crystal Lavender is the most dramatic I have ever been involved in, says FSS Chief Executive John W. Nilsen.

When the FFS boats reached the casualty, they spent almost an hour connecting to the tanker.

He will not soon forget the evening of February in 2020. FFS had earlier in the day been notified that the tanker Crystal Lavender had engine problems 30 nautical miles southwest of Lista lighthouse and was drifting towards land.

The waves were between eight and nine meters high. There was a strong gale with strong storm casts. FFS left the port of Farsund with three tugboats.

- WE GOT CALLED out by the shipping company to assist in getting the boat ashore. When we reached the casualty, we spent almost an hour connecting to the tanker. That operation was quite dramatic, says Nilsen.

FFS Amaranth towed the tanker, while FFS Atlas and FFS Athos assisted the tow. A 600 meter long line was used in the tow.

- IT HAD TO be that long so that the wire should not be torn, Nilsen explains.

The coastguard ship KV Bergen also assisted in the operation. The Singapore-registered chemical tank, which transports gas in liquid form, was eventually towed into the Rosfjord in Lyngdal.

- Salvage has always been an important part of our operations, says Nilsen.

HE EXPLAINS that all of the company's tugboats have salvage equipment on board.

- We have oil booms, special cables and pumps with large capacity. A lot of this equipment is heavy and not too easy to get hold of. Compared to many others, we are well equipped to take on salvage assignments, says Nilsen.


Tugboat / 2014


Tugboat / 1986