More and more «rig moves»

29 August 2022

Both FFS Athos and FFS Arion were in action during the relocation of an oil rig from the Dutch sector of the North Sea this summer.


FFS Arion is towing the rig towards Dundee. The sister tug FFS Athos was also involved in the operation.

Text: Sveinung W. Jensen, Tellus Kommunikasjon

- Our tugboats were assistance vessels for Pacific Discovery, which had the main tow, says operations manager at FFS Leif Steinar Simonsen.

The rig that was towed measures 70 by 76 metres, and is a so-called jackup rig. Such platforms can be jacked up and are used for petroleum production and offshore drilling.

The rig was towed to the Scottish port city of Dundee for maintenance.

It is the second so-called "rig move" that FFS has had in a short time. In June, FFS Athos assisted in a tow from the Netherlands to an east of Aberdeen.

- We have had a number of "rig moves" recently, and of course hope for even more, says Simonsen.

The length of these tows varies greatly. While some are only to be moved between two fields, others are dragged several miles to the mainland.


FFS Arion / Tug / 1993


Tugboat / 2014