Helps the cabin people with supplies

February 23, 2022

A sure sign of spring in the farsund archipelago is FFS Amon on a freight assignment to one of the many cabins in the area.


Here, big bags are lifted ashore on Vestre Langøy.

- Yes, now the season is underway. In the summer, we can have up to four trips a week with different loads, says workshop manager in FFS, Ronny Christoffersen.

On the quay at Kråka in Lundevågen, big bags and large stones are hoisted on board FFS Amon. The morning sun is low and hits the crane boat, which is reflected in the calm sea. A perfect day for a cabin trip!

- TODAY SHALL we unload both on Vestre Langøy and in Havika. We try to coordinate deliveries so that we can stop in several places once we are out. In this way, it will be cheaper for customers, says Christoffersen.

The demand for other FFS services such as towing, salvage and port-related services comes mostly from large companies. With the archipelago missions, it is different. Here, it is often private customers who will build cabins, boathouses or piers.

- OFTEN THE LOAD IS masses for groundwork and materials. But we also transport a number of excavators back and forth, says Christoffersen.

FFS also takes dredging jobs and assignments to build jetties.

FFS Amon is equipped with a crane on board which with a full range of 21 meters can lift as much as four tons. The cargo capacity on board is 50 tonnes.

FOR SMALLER JOBS FFS Argo is used, a work boat with a crane on board that can lift up to one tonne.

- The barge FFS Ponton 9 is also used for some skerries assignments. It is 20 meters long and ten meters wide. So it has room for a lot, says Christoffersen.

After two hours of loading, FFS Amon is ready for the day cruise. The trip from the base in Lundevågen to the first stop on Vestre Langøy, takes a scant hour.

During the trip, the weather turns, and soon the raindrops splash against ever larger swells. Without there being any major obstacle to the mission. For the harbor is protected from the weather and wind.

- AFTER A LONG TIME process, we will finally start building a cabin. The excavator has prepared the site. Now it will be cast, says the customer, who himself is with FFS Amon out to Vestre Langøy.

40 big bags are unloaded and transported by tracked vehicle up the steep hill towards the cottage site.

- It is very convenient to have this delivered directly to the island. The alternative is a helicopter, but it is much more expensive, says the customer, who on an earlier occasion had a large cement truck towed out on a barge.

- Absolutely brilliant. Then we could spray the concrete right into place, he says.


Work boat / 1990


Crane vessel / 1980


Barge / 1990