Helped cargo ships in the storm

29 December 2023

While storm Ida raged at its worst, the cargo ship CSL Elbe had engine trouble in the Skagerrak. FFS Arion came to the casualty's aid.


Here the cargo ship CSL Elbe is towed into Kristiansand harbor by FFS Arion (th) and FFS Athos.

Text: Sveinung W. Jensen, Tellus Kommunikasjon

- Skilled gunners on deck were able to shoot over the hiveline and the tow was connected within a little over an hour, says FFS chief John W. Nilsen.

The owners of the Malta-registered cargo ship, which is 117.7 meters long, had arranged for a berth in Kristiansand. So then it was a tow home to Norway on Christmas Eve.

FFS Athos was engaged to assist the ship to berth.

FFS Arion was at its base in Thyborøn, when the request for assistance at sea came. The tug pulled out and got the situation with CSL Elbe under control.

- Now all our boats are out on new missions. So even though it is Christmas, we are not resting on our laurels, says Nilsen.


Tugboat / 1993


Tugboat / 2014