FFS Arion gets a permanent base in Denmark

29 December 2022

The largest towboat in the FFS fleet is now stationed permanently in Thyborøn on the Danish west coast.


FFS Arion moored in its new permanent place in Thyborøn harbour.

Text: Sveinung W. Jensen, Tellus Kommunikasjon

- We see that very many rig moves originate from the Danish and Dutch sectors. Thyborøn is also close to the major shipping routes in and out of the Baltic Sea. And having a towboat there can therefore be strategically wise with regard to possible salvage missions, says general manager of FFS, John W. Nilsen.

FFS Arion took part in a rig move in November, and has since been at its new Danish base.

- IT'S A FIRST time we station one of our vessels permanently in a place other than Farsund. But strategically, we are sure that it is a good decision to rent space for FFS Arion in Thyborøn harbour, says Nilsen.

FFS Arion was built at the Simek shipyard in Flekkefjord in 1993. The boat was originally built to assist super tankers at Mongstad.

IN FFS WILL BE it was used for various towing tasks and moving drilling rigs - in addition to salvage.

FFS Arion is 20 meters longer than its sister vessels in FFS. It has a crew of eight, can tow up to 85 tonnes and is built to handle anchors.


Tugboat / 1993