Arnfinn Nilsen establishes Farsund Fortøyningsselskap AS, and gets a contract for mooring incoming coke and oxide boats in Lundevågen in Farsund.


We start sightseeing tours for tourists from Farsund Fjordhotell with MS Farøy.


John W. Nilsen takes over the operation, after his father Arnfinn the year before had been seriously injured in an explosion accident on a storage rig.


The first tugboat is in place. MS Farøy II is built in steel with icebreaker properties, and is used for barge towing along the coast between Risør and Hardanger.


Farsund Mooring Company will be the first in Norway to use GPS in connection with filling in mass in port.


The fleet has been expanded with the tugs MS Rusken and MS Khan, both of which run North Sea shipping.


We play a key role in the salvage of the Finnish cargo ship Tali, which has grounded in the Jøssingfjord.


FFS Achilles will be the company's first tractor tugboat.


The crane boat FFS Amon is acquired.


We signed management agreements with two shipping companies and arranged for storage activities in Lundevågen.


Farsund is the world's largest seismic base, and FFS Marine - as the company is now called - has management of 15 boats in Lundevågen, in addition to three in Lyngdal. Green Yard Group, of which we are a co-owner, takes over the bankrupt Kleven Verft in Sunnmøre.


The company changes its name to Farmar. The name change reflects a growing portfolio of services and an increased international focus. At the same time, the various operational areas are separated into separate companies.