Transports most things in the archipelago

24 May 2023

Materials and crushed stone are loaded on board the two crane boats at the FFS quay. The cabin season is now underway!


The sacks of crushed stone are unloaded at Langøy. (Photo: Isak Lyngsvaag Andreassen)

Test and photo: Sveinung W. Jensen, Tellus Communications

- Otera will lay a power cable on Langøy. We help to ship out the necessary equipment. Excavator and dump truck have already been driven out. We have now filled the boat with crushed stone, which will be used in connection with the cable laying, says Isak Lyngsvaag Andreassen.

He is the skipper of FFS Argo. He has Tobias Bulæg with him as crew on this trip.

FFS ARGO is 14.9 meters long and perfect for such archipelago missions - whether it is transporting mini diggers, other smaller machines or building materials. The workboat is equipped with a crane on board that can lift a maximum of 1,700 kilograms.

FFS Amon is also used in the archipelago service. This boat is 23.9 meters long and has a crane that can lift up to 40 tonnes with a reach of four meters and four tonnes with a full reach of 21 metres. The cargo capacity on board is 50 tonnes.

TODAY IS LIFT a trailer load of building materials of different types and in different lengths is hoisted on board. Two carpenters stand on the quay and watch excitedly. They are going to start building a cabin on Skarvøy.

- We have been out with an excavator for the same project before. The groundwork is finished, so now the materials must be shipped out, says Stian Leirvik, who is the skipper of FFS Amon.

The barge FFS Ponton 9 is also used for some archipelago missions. It is 20 meters long and ten meters wide.

WHEN IT COMES for towing, salvage and port-related services, FFS customers are mostly large companies. With the archipelago missions it is different. Here, there are often private customers who want to build cabins, boathouses or wharves.

Often there are masses for foundation work and materials for which the customers need shipping assistance. But the FFS boats also handle excavators and other larger machines. FFS also takes on dredging jobs and assignments to build piers.

If you need help transporting materials, stone or machinery out to the cabin in the archipelago or help building a jetty in concrete or natural stone - contact workshop manager Ronny Christoffersen on mobile 909 74 739.


Work boat / 1990


Crane vessel / 1980


Barge / 1990