FFS gets a permanent towboat base in Arendal

30 January 2023

- We consider the development in Arendal Harbor to be very exciting. That is why we have decided to anchor a tugboat there, says FFS CEO John W. Nilsen.


FFS has entered into a partnership with Arendal Havn, and will have one of the towboats stationed here. (All photos: Nils Petter Nilsen)

Text: Sveinung W. Jensen, Tellus Kommunikasjon

Which of the tugboats will be stationed east of Agder will vary. In the first instance, it will be FFS Amaranth.

- We entered into a partnership with Arendal Harbor on the delivery of towboat services. One of our tugboats will be located where there is free shore current at all times.

It can be in the city itself or in Eydehavn, says Nilsen.

BEFORE CHRISTMAS WAS FFS Arion stationed permanently in Thyborøn on the Danish west coast.

- The creation of a towboat base in Thyborøn and Arendal is part of our new strategy. We want to be closer to the market. Arendal is a good strategic location when it comes to salvage and tanking, says Nilsen.

The activity in Arendal Harbor is approximately five times as great as in Farsund, measured in arrivals and departures. There is already a lot of industry in the area. With a new, gigantic battery factory in place, the need for tugboat services will probably increase further.

AS A RESULT of the management agreements that FFS has on storage boats in Farsund and Lyngdal, at least one of the towboats in the company's fleet is always stationed here.

- Arendal is no further away than if we can easily move boats between the two ports, says Nilsen.

THAT TWO OF The FFS boats are now stationed closer to the market, making the services cheaper for customers.

Nilsen hopes that it will also lower the threshold for using the company's services.

- It is also more environmentally friendly. Having boats at different bases will make it easier to reach our sustainability goals, says Nilsen.


No boats are registered.