FFS Athos joins giant float-on operation

18 October 2023

With the assistance of FFS Athos and other tugboats, the giant drilling platform is loaded here on board the MV Xin Guang Hua – the world's second largest heavy lift vessel.

Skjermbilde 2023-10-17 kl. 13.28.26

Here the rig Transocean Endurance was loaded on board the heavy lift vessel MV Xin Guang Hua, which will transport it to Australia. FFS Athos on the far left. (Screenshot from movie)

Text: Sveinung W. Jensen, Tellus Kommunikasjon

The operation took place last week outside Westcon Yard in Ølensfjorden. See video from the operation here.

- We are of course proud to participate in such a large project with one of our tugboats, says John W. Nilsen, general manager of FFS.

THE DRILLING PLATFORM Transocean Endurance has been stationed in the Norwegian sector since it was completed in 2015. Now it will be transported to Australia, where it will plug oil wells. The contract runs from January to August 2024.

Ahead of the assignment, the rig has been in for upgrading and maintenance at Westcon Yard in Ølensfjorden.

TOGETHER WITH four other tugs assisted FFS Athos in the so-called float-on operation, where the platform was towed away to the heavy lift vessel MV Xin Guang Hua which was waiting with the cargo deck well under water.

Similar float-on operations took place in Spindsfjorden in Farsund in January and June 2021. At that time, FFS was in charge.


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