Seismic ships ready for new adventures

26 September 2022

Disused equipment from the seismic vessel SW Gallien is unloaded here. Now it and its sister ship SW Mikkelsen are going out on a mission again.


The crane operates from the barge Ponton 6, which unloads old equipment from SW Gaul. (Photo: Daniel Hovden, FFS)

Text: Sveinung W. Jensen, Tellus Kommunikasjon

Both boats were bought by Shearwater from the shipping company Polarcus and have been in storage in Agnefest in Lyngdal for over two years.

- The SW Gaul is towed to a dock. There it will be painted in the correct Shearwater colors and prepared for a job on the other side of the Atlantic, says FFS workshop manager Ronny Christoffersen.

THE TOWING JOB over the Skagerak, it is FFS Athos that performs, with assistance from FFS Atlas on parts of the stretch.

- The barge Ponton 6 was used in connection with the crane job in Agnefest. And FFS Amon served as a platform between the boats, says personnel manager and drone photographer Daniel Hovden.

SW MIKKELSEN was towed from Agnefest to Lundevågen in Farsund by FFS Athos and FFS Atlas. The boat will lie there for a few days, before it sails under its own power to a workshop where it will be painted and prepared for missions on the other side of the globe.

- We expect that we FFS will assist with some crane work and clearing. And then the crew on board needs some supplies, and we help with that. After all, we are both cleaning boys and running boys, smiles Ronny Christoffersen.


Barges / 2000


Tugboat / 1986


Tugboat / 2014


Crane vessel / 1980


Work boat / Rope boat /