Royal Navy received Farmar assistance

12. June 2024

Farmar contributed when the British Navy's stranded patrol boat HMS Biter was retrieved from Lundevågen.


The British Navy patrol boat HMS Biter is being hoisted aboard the cargo ship that will take the casualty home to the UK (Photos: Daniel Hovden and Sveinung W. Jensen)

Text: Sveinung W. Jensen, Tellus Kommunikasjon

"We were on an exercise with the Norwegian Navy and the NATO fleet when we unfortunately had an engine failure," explains Captain Sophie Tulloch on board.

The 20-meter long boat was towed to the municipal quay in Farsund. The crew tried to repair the fault themselves but eventually had to give up.

THIS WEEK the London-registered cargo ship Hartland Point came and picked up the wrecked vessel.

Farmar has been central in the planning and execution of the project.

"In addition to providing maritime services such as towing and mooring, we have planned and delivered crane services. Since our own crane was not large enough to handle this lift, we had to rent capacity from a partner, to whom we also regularly provide crane services," says John W. Nilsen, CEO of Farmar.

FARMAR'S OWN crane can lift a maximum of 160 tons, while this operation required a crane that could handle a maximum of 500 tons due to height and distance.

"This alone is quite a large rig that requires up to eight semi-trailers to move all the counterweights and equipment needed," Nilsen explains.

Farmar has also performed so-called "seafasting". This work mainly involves preparing the cargo with chains and straps for whatever weather the vessel might encounter on its way to its destination.

FOR CAPTAIN it was a stroke of luck that the boat was towed to Farsund. Together with her four-person crew, she has had the opportunity to explore a new city in a new country.

"We've been here for a couple of weeks now, and it's really nice here. At the same time, we look forward to returning to the UK and getting the boat fixed," she says.

Farmar has assisted NATO and the Royal Navy several times in recent years.

FFS Ponton 6 was used as a distance barge both when The aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth visited Oslo in November 2021 and when a German submarine visited Kristiansand in March last year.

Farmar also contributed with a tugboat and two barges, as The world's largest aircraft carrier USS Gerald R. Ford visited Oslo in May last year

- Now we can close another successful mission for NATO and the Royal Navy," says Nilsen.


Tugboat / 1986


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