Maintained and classy

22 May 2023

FFS Arion has been in dock for three weeks at Ørskov Shipyard in Denmark and completed a standard five-year classification.

Bilde 07.05.2023, 19 42 42

FFS Arion, newly painted and overhauled in dock in Fredrikshavn.

Text: Sveinung W. Jensen, Tellus Kommunikasjon

- In addition to the classification itself, a number of upgrades and general maintenance have been carried out, says John W. Nilsen, general manager of FFS.

FFS Arion is the largest of the tugboats in the FFS fleet. It was built at the Simek shipyard in Flekkefjord in 1993 with the aim of being able to assist supertankers at Mongstad. In FFS, it is used for various towing tasks, rig moves, anchor handling and salvage. FFS Arion can tow up to 85 tonnes.

EVERY FIVE YEARS all such vessels must go through a new classification, with inspection of the hull, equipment and the vessel's general condition.

- Once the boat was in dock, we took the opportunity to surface treat and paint the hull. In addition, new filter systems, a new navigation system and technical maintenance have been installed, says Nilsen.

FFS ARION has also received a new ballast water treatment system. Seawater that is filled in tanks on board to achieve better buoyancy is not released until it has gone through a UV treatment that kills harmful organisms.

- Our tugboats are continuously maintained. In connection with the previous classification, machines and propellers were overhauled. FFS Arion is now like new – as far as we can say that about a 30-year-old boat, says Nilsen.


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